Executive Bylaw Of Law No. 13-18 On Conflict Of Interests Released
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The executive bylaw of the law No. 13/2018 on “conflict of interests” adopted by National Assembly has been issued. It consists of 16 articles, and was published in the official gazette last Sunday.

This bylaw bans an employee from being involved in any partnership that contradicts his/her job. It highlights the concepts of relative and infinite conflict, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the second article, an employee subjected to the law is in relative conflict, according to the rules of first article of the law, if he possess a share or percentage of his work in any activity, has financial transactions with his employer related to his job, and participate in the relevant procedures without any benefit or will cause harm to the public interest.

This also applies if the employee or his adolescent kids or his wife or those under his guardianship or custody has a share in any company or establishment or activity, aims for profit, and participates in the procedures without any benefit or will cause harm to the public interest.

The bylaw highlights the standards and rules for public behavior that the parties subjected to the law should comply to them in order to ensure transparency



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