Eve-teasers Held – Bailiff Probed For Leaking Pending Verdicts To Reps
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In an unprecedented incident, Head of Court of First Instance Consultant Dr Adel Buresli lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecution against a bailiff who was caught red-handed leaking unannounced verdicts to the mandoubs of lawyers at a cost, reports Aljarida daily.

According to informed sources, a judicial staff member gave the session’s secretary a USB flash drive to print the verdicts to be declared at the court for deliberation by the consultants. After printing them, the jury approved them except for the final ruling, which resulted in adjournment of declaration of the ruling by two weeks. A copy was taken for amendment, and the session’s secretary postponed the declaration of the ruling.

The next day, the secretary was surprised when a lawyer’s mandoub arrived and asked him the reasons for postponing the sentence in the litigation system to postpone the declaration, even though the court had issued the ruling in his favor the previous day. When the secretary of the session denied that, the mandoub showed him the verdict. The secretary took a copy and informed the head of judiciary who asked for the mandoub’s details. When the latter was asked about the source of his information, he revealed that he obtained the verdict from the bailiff. The sources revealed that the Public Prosecution launched investigations on the crime and intends to summon all suspected of being involved in this case.

Eve-teasers nabbed: Jahra securitymen arrested three Kuwaitis for harassing women in a commercial complex, reports Al-Rai daily. While on duty inside the commercial complex, the securitymen noticed the suspects harassing women so they took them to Jahra Police Station. During investigation, the officers discovered that one of the suspects had earlier been sentenced to prison for involvement in a drug-related case.



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