Ethiopian Housemaids In Kuwait Soon
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Diplomatic sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that Kuwait was not late in correspondence with Ethiopia regarding the labor agreement and re-permitting the recruitment of domestic workers. The sources stressed Kuwait’s keenness to complete the correspondence between it and the labor-sending countries, in a way that achieves the public interest, denying that the delay occurred from the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry.

"The Foreign Ministry sent the required correspondence to Addis Baba a long time ago and is waiting for a response from there," she added, expecting that the special responses regarding the labor agreement will arrive in Kuwait soon.

In addition, the sources revealed that Ethiopian employment agencies have communicated with Kuwaiti offices to prepare for the opening of the door for the recruitment of domestic workers during the coming period.

The sources indicated that some Kuwaiti offices prepared the required transactions to start sending their requests regarding the recruitment of new workers, indicating that the prices of Ethiopian contracts are low.

According to the statistics of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Kuwait hosts 18,306 Ethiopian women who work at home, as workers of this nationality are among the top 10 nationalities working in the family sector. Ethiopian domestic workers constitute 2.5% of the total 732,000 domestic workers in the country.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti Domestic Workers' Recruitment Office visited Ethiopia for a long time, and worked to overcome some obstacles related to the recruitment of Ethiopian workers to Kuwait, as it was agreed with representatives of the labor sector there on the need to provide trained workers in accredited centers for a period of not less than two months before Send them to the country.




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