EPA Collects 340,000 Kuwaiti Dinars In Fines
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The Director-General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said the money collected by the EPA in terms of fines which is about 340,000 Kuwaiti dinars will be used to finance a number of small projects to protect the environment, reports Al-Rai daily. He stressed that in the absence of any observations made by the Audit Bureau on the environmental fund which has been established to carry out environmental projects, the financial regulations were approved by the Ministry of Finance and the concerned authorities and will be used to establish projects aimed at improving the environmental issue.

These projects will be included in the next budget, he added. In response to a question about comments made by the Audit Bureau on the work of the EPA, he said the Audit Bureau plays a big role, and there are a lot of huge projects that need approvals from the Bureau. He said he hopes “everyone will cooperate to protect public money in the country for future generations.” He stressed that “there is no disagreement with the Audit Bureau,” and said that “the EPA budget has not yet been approved. It is expected to be adopted next July by the National Assembly.

After approval, it will be transferred to the Finance Authority to monitoring the accounts of the EPA.” He stressed, “there is great cooperation from the National Assembly on environmental issues, and we wish to monitor the budget to improve the environmental issue in full.”

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