Entry Ban On Sudanese Linked To Turmoil In Khartoum
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The residence affairs departments in the six governorates have received verbal orders from the concerned authority to stop all related transactions to the Sudanese until further notice.

With this the number of nationalities prohibited from entering Kuwait without security approvals raised to 8 — the Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Iranian, Afghani, Yemeni and the Sudanese.

Senior security sources told Al-Qabas the visas have been suspended because on ‘internal turmoil’ in the Sudan.

The sources indicated Kuwait follows similar procedures when countries are afflicted by internal unrest to prevent persons wanted by law may infiltrate along with others into Kuwait.

The sources confirmed that those Sudanese who have valid residence permit of the country are not affected by the decision; they have the right to return to the country and have the right to renew their residence permits.




13 Nov, 2021 235
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