Employees Degrees Taken Without Attending Classes Hold No Value
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 In response to decision to refuse the accreditation of academic certificates for employees who attained them without taking a study break and to consider attaining such certificates by virtue of affiliation, in line with the recommendations of the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance, informed sources revealed that the decision affects those who study abroad only, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The same sources emphasized that the decision applies to the employees of private and government sectors and does not distinguish between them, noting the basis for accrediting any certificate, according to all ministerial decisions, is the regularity of study in the educational institution.

The sources refuted claims that the employee may obtain the certificate through the virtue of balancing time between free time and work without the need to take study leave, confirming one of the standards of the academic accreditation body to ensure the quality of education for accreditation of universities and study programs is the time spent in the institution, and this contradicts the claim that the student program does not require regular attendance.

Regarding threats by some to resort to the courts, sources pointed out that “in the event that complainants rely on the study program without regular attendance, this may expose the entire academic program to cancellation from the accreditation lists in the country, if court rulings are issued to do so.”

With regard to those studying inside the country, sources indicated the certificate of employees who enrolled in local educational institutions are dealt with according to the Civil Service Commission regulations for employees in government sector and the Manpower Public Authority in relation to employees in private sector.



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