Embassies Must Use Foreign Ministry Channel To Address Entities
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The Iranian embassy in Kuwait has acted in a manner that is “contrary to diplomatic norms and to protocol circulars,” the Kuwaiti foreign minister has said.

“According to established diplomatic norms, no diplomatic mission accredited to Kuwait may conduct any kind of official correspondence with any local authority except through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Shaikh Sabah Al Khalid said as he answered a query from MP Waleed Al Tabtabai regarding letters addressed by the Iranian embassy to Kuwaiti daily Al Jareeda.

The embassy on November 9 and January 3 wrote to the daily to request it to cease publishing reports attributed to its correspondent in Iran, Firzad Qassimi.

The embassy said no reporter under that name was accredited by the Iranian authorities and requested the paper to refrain from publishing reports emanating from Iran pending the identification of their author. The embassy added that it reserved the right to respond legally.

Al Tabtabai, known for his vociferous anti-Iran stances, sought clarifications from the foreign minister about the Iranian embassy’s attitude.

Shaikh Sabah said that the ministry had raised the issue during official meetings with the Iranian ambassador. He pointed out that the ambassador was told that such practice was contrary to diplomatic norms and it should not be repeated.

Shaikh Sabah said the ambassador told him that the information office of the embassy has been told not to indulge in such practice again.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fulfilling its responsibilities and obligations according to the constitution and the law. It is also keen to take all diplomatic and legal measures in case Kuwait is subjected to distortion, abuse or infringement of its interests,” he said, quoted by Al Jareeda daily on Saturday.

Al Jareeda in January published the two Iranian embassy letters on its front page.



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