Electricity Charges Likely To Increase For Expats
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Ministry of Electricity and Water team briefed the National Assembly Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of plans to hike electricity charges which indicate that expatriate households are likely to pay most of the rises if approved. 

The proposed hike is divided into four categories as private houses - mainly owned by Kuwaitis, investment houses – a majority of which are inhabited by expatriates, commercial and industrial.

Current electricity charges are 2 fils per kilowatt for all purposes and uses and houses. 

According to the new proposal, the charges for investment houses (mostly living by expatriates) will be increased as (First) -1,000 kilowatt: 5 fils per kilowatt; (Second)-1,000 kilowatt: 8 fils per kilowatt; (Third)-1,000 kilowatts: 10 fils per kilowatts. 

This means that if a house in an investment building consumes 3,000 kilowatts in a particular month, the bill will be KD 23 for that month up from the current charges of just KD 6. If the consumption is 1,000 or less, the bill will be just KD 5. The charges for a consumption of 2,000 will be KD 13 and so on, the daily clarifies.

As for private houses or mostly Kuwaiti citizens, the proposed increases are as follows: (First)-3,000 kilowatts: 3 fils per kilowatt; (Second)-3,000 kilowatts: 8 fils per kilowatt; (Third)-3,000 kilowatts: 10 fils per kilowatts. This means that private houses which consume 9,000 kilowatts per month will pay KD 63 instead of KD 18 at current charges. The Ministry team also proposed to increase the charges for commercial use to 19 fils per kilowatts and leave it at 2 fils per kilowatt for industrial use.

The committee and the government have not reached an agreement on the proposals so far and another meeting will be held on Saturday.



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