E-learning Does Not Draw A Sequential Educational Path
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Educational sources revealed a lax approach in dealing with the distance education file, in light of the deficiencies and negative symptoms in applying this file in a non-interactive manner because the students of the first three grades do not find effective scientific achievement.

The sources told the Al-Seyassah daily, that these students are victims of the current method, which has become just a daily routine which is to confirm the attendance and assign duties and tasks that do not chart a course for successive educational steps in which the student moves from one level to another indicating that some of the lessons do not focus on the basics.

The sources explained that the content of the lessons does not provide students with the skills of writing, memorizing alphabets, reading, or preparation skills, pointing out that it has become a burden for the student and his parents and a source of boredom, as well as losing the positives of social interaction which is provided by a classroom.

The sources called for the adoption of two interactive remote classes with the class teacher per week, indicating the lack of compatibility of the curricula prepared for the traditional education system with the virtual distance education system, considering it constitutes a burden and a grave mistake on the teacher, the student and the parent.

The sources stressed the importance of introducing a modified and equivalent curriculum commensurate with the duration of the class and its mechanism in distance education so that the student makes possible great achievements and leaves room for the teacher to focus on the codified subject.

The same sources wondered why there is a lack of serious and expert team to follow up on the application of the experience of the distance education system and find remedy for any defect while tracking the application of this experiment. The sources indicated that the current stage imposed an educational reality different from what the concerned parties are accustomed to in traditional education, but that does not mean that it is an excuse to be lax in securing an education that can be used and fulfill the purpose of resuming the study based on the distance education system.

The sources expressed hope that an educational scientific report will be prepared to diagnose the distance education system what it has and what it owes as part of a sequential amendment every two weeks to correct the path during the use of the educational platform, especially for the primary stage, to find a mechanism to transfer skills and not information to them and master it remotely without a teacher with them in the classroom.



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