Egyptian Surgeons Recover 20 Spoons From Patient’s Stomach
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A team of surgeons in Egypt has extracted up to 20 spoons, four forks and a number of toothbrushes from a patient suffering severe abdominal pains.

Staff at Egypt’s Mansoura University’s Gastroenterology Center also managed to remove a number of other items from the intestines of the 20-year-old patient, including jewellery, according to an Egyptian news website. 

Dr. Amjad Fouad, the chief surgeon, said that the patient, suffering from cerebral atrophy, arrived at the center suffering from severe pain, Masrawy reported. 
He said through endoscopic and radiological examination the team discovered foreign bodies in the patient’s stomach.
The patient is in stable condition, Fouad said. 



09 Sep, 2019 1828
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