Egyptian Expat Filed Complaint Against The Theft Of His Mobile Phone
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An Egyptian expatriate went to Nugra Police Station and reported the theft of his mobile phone and some documents from his vehicle when it was parked in a lot in Hawally area.

Investigations have been launched in this regard. Furthermore, an Egyptian woman rushed to Nugra Police Station and reported that she was walking on the roadside when a man inside a vehicle snatched her handbag and drove off. She revealed that her handbag contained her mobile phone, civil ID and KD 20. Necessary action was taken.

In addition, a Kuwaiti citizen, accompanied with two men who claimed they are police officers, waylaid an Iraqi expatriate, attacked him and robbed him of his mobile phone and KD 195 in his possession. According to security sources, the victim, when reporting the incident to securitymen, revealed that he knows the citizen who had stopped next to him along with two other individuals, who claimed to be police officers. They then attacked him, took his mobile phone and money and fled from the location. Using the details provided by the victim, securitymen have launched investigations to find and arrest the suspects.


23 Mar, 2017 0 674
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