Education Minister Deported Teachers Who Abused Students
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Kuwait has deported teachers who abused students, the education minister said.

“We have taken the legal procedures against a number of Arab teachers who abused male and female students,” Badr Al Essa told parliament session on Wednesday. 

“We have terminated their contracts with the ministry and deported them from Kuwait,” the minister said as he answered a query from a lawmaker.

The lawmaker screened a short video clip showing a teacher hitting a student inside a classroom and wanted the minister to comment.

“I stress our zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of abuses, and we will not hesitate to take the necessary legal measures against anyone who abuses the educational system in the country,” the minister said, quoted by Kuwaiti dailyAl Watan on Thursday.

Al Essa added that the ministry had taken action, including deportation, against teachers who were filmed abusing students. The clips had found their way to social media and triggered outrage in the country.

Assaults on students and abuses are individual cases that happen in all countries, the minister added.

Corporal punishment is not allowed in Kuwaiti schools and teachers, mainly Arab expatriates, are strongly discouraged to resort to it to discipline students.

The wide use of smartphones among students has often enabled them to record abuse incidents and to post them on social media, triggering condemnations from online users and legal action by the ministry.

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