Education: Increasing The Speed Of The Internet In Schools
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The Ministry of Education affirmed its keenness to complete the “distance education” strategy and the study plan set in this regard, announcing the completion of the provision and distribution of textbooks for the various educational stages.

In a statement, the Ministry indicated its readiness with all its sectors and equipment during the second educational semester of the academic year 2020-2021, by preparing study plans for all educational stages, confirming that schools are provided with a fiber-optic network to increase the speed of the Internet, which supports the implementation of The strategy of “distance education”, through cooperation between the Department of Information Systems, the Ministry of Communications and the Central Agency for Information Technology.

The Ministry also held a series of meetings with the Ministry of Health, in preparation for the start of the second semester and the introduction of the Ministry’s employees, within the priority categories of vaccination against the emerging corona virus. The evaluation mechanism for the second semester for all school levels was issued and circulated, as well as the decisions regulating school attendance and timing controls. For each educational stage, and issuing bulletins for the implementation of civil service instructions in the application of remote work mechanisms, rotation and commitment to the attendance rate of 30 percent in work centers, in addition to issuing instructions to cleaning companies to ensure that the cleaning and readiness of school buildings are completed before the semester begins. The second academic year 2020 2021.



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