Each Day, Kuwait Consumes 1,200 Tons Of Milk And Its Derivatives
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Abdul Hakim Al-Ahmad, chairman of Fresh Dairy Producers Union, told Annahar daily the country consumes 1,200 tons of milk and its derivatives each day, while farms produce only 200 tons - 18 percent of what is consumed. According to Al-Ahmad, 50 farms are affiliated with the union, including 44 milk producers with more than 21,000 animal heads of which 9,505 are milking cows that produced about 74 million liters of milk in the past year, averaging 21.5 liters per head per day.

According to him, farm owners are committed to achieving self-sufficiency in the future and to collaborating with various parties in this arena, mainly because of the possibility that the current food crisis will last for a long time and it may recur in the future.

22 Jul, 2022 291


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