During Times Of Prayer, Saudi Arabia Warns Against Playing Music
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According to Saudi Arabia, residents are prohibited from playing music in residential areas during Adhan and Iqamah (the Islamic first and second calls to prayer, respectively).

The Saudi Thouq organization will fine the first offender 1,000 Saudi Riyals and the second one 2,000.

Shorts are also prohibited in mosques and government buildings in Saudi Arabia with fines ranging from 250 to 5,000 Saudi Riyals.

Kingdom does not consider men to be violating public decorum by wearing shorts in public.

Prince Abdulaziz Bin Saud Bin Naif, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Interior, issued a regulation calling for the new fines after a ministerial decision requested changing the public decorum regulations.

Public etiquette violations for 2019 included 19 violations. In light of the new decision, there are now 20 violations of public etiquette.


• Sexual harassment committed in public
• Loud sound of music in residential areas
•  Playing music at prayer times

• Littering

• Failure to remove pet waste
• Occupying seats for the disabled
• Bypassing barriers when entering public places
• Wearing improper clothing in public, such as underwear or pajamas

• Wearing a shirt with nude photos on it

• Wearing shirts that display offensive phrases
• Writing or drawing on public walls
• Putting racist stickers on cars
• Distributing ads without a permit
• Starting fires on safaris in authorised areas
• Threatening people verbally or physically
• Cutting in line in public places
• Shining laser pointers into the eyes of others
• Taking pictures without consent
• Photographing a traffic accident without the parties involved' consent

A fine of SR50 to SR6,000 will be imposed for the aforesaid infractions, according to the ministry.

Saudi Arabia had already banned most of these actions, but no punishment was offered, and a judge made the decision.

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