During The Holidays, An Estimated Quarter Of A Million Passengers Will Use Airports
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The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are continuing their efforts to handle the movement of incoming and outgoing passengers, coincident with the beginning of the 'travel for all' campaign, while many are making plans to travel to Europe and Arab countries to spend their national holidays.

Based on statistics prepared by the airport's agencies, the airport expects to move about 265,000 passengers during the next 12 days, across 2,505 flights.

According to an informed source, Al-Qabas is expecting 146,000 passengers on 1250 flights to depart during this time period, with 119,000 passengers expected to arrive on 1254 flights.

In terms of departures and arrivals, the most passengers will be moving through Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, and Jeddah.

At the same time, the airlines at the airport met earlier to discuss hiring more workers to deal with the travelers, and providing all the necessary facilities.

According to the source, all travel procedures at Kuwait Airport are in compliance with the requirements established by the health authorities, and that travelers should familiarize themselves with the requirements in order to ensure a safe and trouble-free journey.

Continuing efforts are being made to develop and provide all airport visitor services, by simplifying procedures for all passengers.

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