Driving Licence Issue - Engineer Designation To Change To Mandoub
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I came to Kuwait in 2013 on driver visa and took 1 year licence in May 2013. In May 2014 I renewed my licence and got 10 year licence up to April 2024. In August 2014 I changed my designation to engineer and transferred my residency to new company.

But my salary was below KD 450 during this time, and I renewed my residency in the same company 3 times and I am holding valid licence up to 2024. Because of KSE NOC issue, now I need to change my designation from engineer to some other position.

My company is ready to stamp my designation in mandoub mubayath position. In this case kindly advice whether the murour will withdraw my licence. What will be suitable post for me without cancelling my licence?

Name withheld

Answer: The aim of the ‘Legal Clinic’ column is to help our readers who seek solutions to genuine problems they encounter at their work place. In deed the column does not and cannot seek to help readers circumvent the law by way of offering advice.

What you and the company are seeking to do is to provide false and misleading information with the view to benefitting from that for parochial reason. We are sorry but we cannot be a party to this breach of the law.


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