Driver Must Pay Victim’s Heirs KD 24,500
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The Court of First Instance rejected a request for the owner of a car that hit and killed an expatriate to pay KD 24,500 in compensation to heirs of a deceased man. The court thereby ruled that the person who was driving the car when the incident happened should pay the compensation directly. The case file indicated Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khashab in his client’s defense argued that Kuwaiti law does not hold a person accountable for a crime committed by a third party. Exonerating the defendant, the lawyer said the car belongs to his client but he was not directly involved in the case. For this reason, he emphasized that his client did not play any part in the accident since the car was in the hand of another person; thus, he should not be held accountable for the action of the person who controlled the steering.


05 Feb, 2018 794
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