‘Donations Collection To Be Under Tight Control’
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Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs Abdulaziz Shuaib revealed a plan to localize charity work and direct it to help the needy individuals and families in the country in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press statement, Shuaib indicated a tight control on the collection of donations such that violations will not be tolerated. Regarding the efforts to follow up donations during the month of Ramadan, he highlighted the existence of field teams and committees from the ministry that will follow up fundraising projects implemented by charity societies. Shuaib affirmed that there are clear and strict instructions in this regard about the need to abide by the rules and laws, adding that reports will be submitted to the oversight authorities after the end of the collection of donations. He stressed on ensuring all efforts are exerted to serve Kuwait and improve its reputation.

He highlighted the implementation of the directives of the Cabinet concerning charity work controls, as well as the distribution of Ramadan baskets in a manner consistent with the health requirements. It is worth mentioning that Shuaib returned to his duties after being legally cleared from the administrative offences leveled against him, which led to his suspension on January 9 for three months pending investigation. Regarding this, he expressed appreciation and gratitude to everyone who supported him throughout his legal battle to clear his name.

Furthermore, Shuaib revealed that the Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Dr Mishaan Al-Otaibi has a developmental vision for the ministry’s work, assuring that the executive management will work on achieving his ambition in the near future. He revealed that there is a new regulation for social aid that is being studied by the Public Aid Committee. Shuaib stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Social Affairs to facilitate Kuwaiti families as much as possible according to the legal frameworks, as it is important to review the old regulations and issue new ones that are in line with the current situation and standard of living, revise them and change some concepts. He assured that the regulations, after they are released, will be positive.



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