Domestic Labor Offices On Verge Of Bankruptcy
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Domestic workers who are returned to the domestic labor offices by their sponsors during the probation period of six months represent a nightmare for the labor offices, as the latter could go bankrupt from incurring the costs of sending back the workers to their homelands as well as returning the money paid by the sponsors, reports Al-Rai daily.

Reportedly, 70 percent of the domestic workers do not desire to complete the period specified in the contracts. Head of the society of owners of domestic labor offices Khalid Al- Dakhnan explained, “If a worker refuses to continue working for a sponsor due to the pressure she faces during the first six months, the office has to send her back to her home country at its expense. The office is not allowed to transfer the worker to another sponsor. This leads to high losses for the owners of the domestic labor offices”.

He stressed that these conditions are not applicable to Durra Company since the latter has the right to transfer the worker to another sponsor, adding that this item included in the new law implemented in 2015 exposes the domestic labor offices to the danger of bankruptcy.



04 Nov, 2019 1 4741
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