Doctor Wins Case
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The Ministry of Health is preparing to transfer officials in a number of health areas in implementation of several court verdicts, including the verdict issued by the Administrative Court of Cassation headed by Counselor Fouad Al-Zuwaid, which stipulates that Dr Dalal Al-Wadaani is entitled to assume the position of Director of the Capital Health District. In the case of Al-Wadaani the judgment was issued more than two weeks ago, and the Ministry of Health is working in full swing to take necessary legal measures to implement the ruling to cancel the ministerial decision, with regard to the plaintiff’s transgression in the promotion of the position of Director of the Capital Health District with its implications.

Attorney Manal Al-Abdan, who proved Al-Wadaani’s eligibility for this position due to her competence and experience in the field of health institutions management, pleaded in the case, and obliged the Ministry of Health to pay the necessary expenses.



18 May, 2021 432


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