Do Kuwait’s Neighbors Come For Health Care
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Do citizens from neighboring countries come to Kuwait to benefit from the health services provided by government hospitals and medical centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health? This is the question that is being asked, reports Al-Rai daily.

This happened when a child consultant at the Jahra Hospital complained about the presence of non-resident cases in Kuwait coming from a neighboring Gulf country for treatment, analysis and access to medicines and milk.

Sources told Al-Rai, “providing treatment is a right guaranteed by the state to citizens and residents according to the prescribed fees, and for emergency cases for non-residents in the country”.

The sources confirmed that the “facilities provided by the Ministry of Health to the citizens of the GCC countries exempted from the fees prescribed to residents registered in the health insurance system or visitors not registered in the health insurance system, do not have the right to access health services in an illegal manner, especially if the entry is for the purpose of receiving health service only.

The sources stressed that “any attempts to use the services of hospitals or the centers of the ministry illegally, will be dealt with in accordance with legal frameworks, to ensure quality service is provided to citizens or residents.”



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