Difficult To Conduct Paper-based Exams For 1st Semester Students
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uring a meeting between educational sector leaders and the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Ali Al- Mudhaf recently, an agreement was reached regarding the difficulty of conducting paper-based exams for the first semester students of all educational levels including high school, in addition to the inability to conduct examinations through the online system due to technical, professional and educational reasons, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that the ministry is planning not to hold exams next month for all students in different academic levels, and instead depend on the continuous assessment grades of the students gathered through assignments, and attendance.

Also, the first semester exam scores will be merged with the scores of the year-end exams, which are to be paper-based and on the basis of second semester curricula only. The attendees of the meeting also discussed the need for students to gradually return to schools from the beginning of the second semester in early March based on a well-thought-out plan, after obtaining the approval of the health authorities.

The sources revealed that an important meeting will be held soon by the Education Committee of the Council of Ministers and officials of the Ministry of Education, to review their plans for examinations and ensure gradual return of students to schools, and then settle on the final decision.

Indicating that all options are open, the sources affirmed the keenness of the ministry to take the most appropriate decision for the sake of the educational process, and in the interest of students. Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, Dr Ali Al-Mudhaf has emphasized on the importance of having a second line of qualified educators to assume the tasks of supervision, and qualify administrative and educational cadres with the ability and competence to follow up and continue the process successfully, pointing out that the ministry was and is still keen to take serious steps to strengthen development plans and qualify the functional and supervisory leaderships.

Dr Al-Mudhaf said this during a ceremony which was held to honor the graduates of the twelfth batch of the Academy for Leadership Preparation of the Kuwait Teachers Association recently which was held atthe Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah hall at the Society’s headquarters. “There are plans drawn up and approved programs in line with the policies aimed at advancing our educational process, and to achieve its desired goals in order to fill vacancies with qualified professional personnel, who are distinguished for competence, knowledge and experience,” said the minister. He pointed out the change is the year of life, and one of the prudence is keenness on communicating generations and investing in the experiences and accumulated achievements, noting that the Kuwait Teachers Association (KTA) is a major tributary and partner that contributes to supporting the educational process and plays a prominent role in supporting the educational system.

He added the training courses held by the association in cooperation with the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at the Kuwait University have a positive impact on educational administration, and “we hope them to continue and expand,” said Al-Mudhaf. He continued, saying: “I am pleased to send a bouquet of thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the teachers and all employees of the Ministry of Education for their responsibility and their strenuous efforts which they exerted during the Corona pandemic at Kuwait University.”

The head of the KTA, Mutei Al- Ajami, said that the Academy continued its distinction this year, through its purposeful and rich courses and activities, and with the participation of a group of lecturers and specialists, despite the challenges and difficulties in light of the decisions and preventive measures that were taken by the Council of Ministers to confront the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and work on completing the second semester of the academy ONLINE in cooperation with the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at Kuwait University.



04 Jan, 2021 723
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