DGCA Investigates ‘fracas’ At Airport Runway
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The General Administration of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is awaiting the investigation results about one plane taking off and another landing at the same time.

This happened, the aviation sources say, after the social media circulated a video showing a plane taking off and another landing immediately after from the same runway.

The Al-Jarida sources has learned from DGCA sources that until now the authenticity of the video clip is not clear.

The aviation sources say the DGCA is waiting for the results and recommendations of the investigation committee into that incident to take its decision.

The sources told Al-Jarida the DGCA immediately after the incident occurred, applied security and safety measures in accordance with international standards followed in such cases, and also formed an investigation committee to find out the reasons, abd hold accountable if anyone is proven to be negligent.



06 Nov, 2021 402


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