Designation Change From Engineers Visa To Affect Renewal Of Driving License
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My visa is going to expire on Dec 18 & My Driving license on Feb 19. My Visa is Engineers’ visa. Now due to these new rules related to engineer visa, if there is some problem & in my visa designation gets changed to something else, is it going to affect my renewal of driving license also? By next year I will complete 2 years but in my work permit, salary is less than KD 600 but with allowances gross salary is more than KD 600. I can produce salary certificate to show that. Will it help? Please advise.

Name withheld


Answer: Your designation change will definitely affect the renewal of your driving licence. From the information given you got exemptions from not meeting the salary and number of years resident in Kuwait requirement when you applied for the licence. Because of your station as an engineer which is one of the professions exempted form meeting one or more of the requirements needed to apply for a driving licence. It is only your monthly salary as informed in your work permit that is considered in determining whether you meet the salary condition or not and not how much hits your salary account in the bank or a salary certificate issued by your company.


12 Apr, 2018 2423
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