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I want to bring my wife and newborn baby to Kuwait. But my salary is KD 200. Is it possible to get the visas with the same salary … Because my Kuwaiti (sponsor) has promised to get me the visas with same salary.

Name withheld

Answer: The minimum salary required, for a dependent visa is KD 250 so we don’t know what your sponsor is talking about. If your salary is less than KD 250 on the work permit the Immigration Department will not even entertain your application. So, the simple answer is “no … you can’t get a dependent visa with this salary”.

I have a newborn angel and I want her to stay with me in Kuwait. I am preparing my papers for the visa of my baby. But my visa will expire in February 2017. Do you think I could complete her residence formalities in time so I will not have to pay any penalty. My baby was delivered on Aug 11, 2016. Up to now I am getting insurance for her. Do you think the ministry will consider my visa status.

Name withheld

Answer: You are supposed to complete all the residence formalities — medical exam, health insurance, stamping of residence and Civil ID — of your child within 60 days of the child’s birth.

This means all the formalities should have been completed by Oct 9, 2016 and if these have not been done by now you will face legal action. You have to complete all the formalities within the 60 days regardless of your residence status … there is no excuse.



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