Department Of Imported Foods Recently Released A Cargo Of Expired Chocolate
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The Department of Imported Foods recently released a cargo of expired chocolate, which apparently belongs to a relative of one of the officials of the department. According to sources, the cargo contained 41 cartons of chocolate which did not have an expiry date but was discovered to have expired since July 26, 2016.

They expressed worry over the release of such expired chocolate into the local market, which can expose the lives of the consumers to health risks. In another development, an official from the Department of Imported Foods expressed his surprise over the release of a shipment of fruits and vegetables that arrived in the country from Iran through Doha Port, without being examined or payment of fees. He revealed that he was recently transferred to this department, and discovered that the former official whom he replaced used to allow Iranian vegetables and fruits to pass without being examined and without imposing the relevant fees. A source revealed that investigations have been launched to study the entry of goods in the last two years with the collected fees in order to figure out the degree of the 



27 Jan, 2017 1004
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