Demographics In Kuwait: Indians Lead, Followed By Egyptians, Filipinos, And Bangladeshis
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Public Authority for Civil Information released a report indicating an increase of 0.019% in Kuwaitis in 2022. The total number of citizens rose to 1.5 million, while the total population of Kuwait reached 4.7 million people.

Al Qabas reports an increase in children from 17 communities living in Kuwait, but a decrease in children from only three nationalities: Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Iran. The non-Kuwaiti population reached 3.2 million, with Indians leading the largest number of communities residing in Kuwait, followed by Egyptians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Syrians, Saudis, and Sri Lankans.

Moreover, 35% of Kuwaitis over 15 do not participate in the labor market because they are students, full-time house workers, or retirees with income. In contrast, only 32% of Kuwaitis are in the labor force.

According to their contribution to the labor market, the Indian community had the highest percentage of workers, followed by Egyptians, Filipinos, and Bangladeshis. The percentage of workers in the Kuwaiti labor market from the Syrian community was low, while the Saudi and Sri Lankan communities had a higher percentage.

Kuwait has a total of 2.05 million workers, of whom 24% work for the government. Among the public and private sector workers, Kuwaitis account for 22%, followed by Indians and Egyptians. As a percentage of the total number of workers in the government sector, Kuwaitis rank highest, while in the private sector they rank fourth.

Statistics on demographics

4.7 million people are the total population of Kuwait

1.5 million Kuwaitis

3.2 million Expats

2.05 million workers on the Kuwait market

4923000 workers in the government sector

7727000 domestic workers in Kuwait

74% of expatriates are employed on the labor market


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