Decisions Taken By Cabinet Today To Confront Covid-19
Category: Lockdown
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Curfew - The Council of Ministers decided to impose curfew in the country from Sunday, from 5 pm in the evening till 5 am in morning for a period of a month,  The curfew will be lifted before the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Co Ops - Kuwait Co-ops and supermarkets to operate from 5 am to 5 pm only
Supermarkets and Co-ops will operate from 5 am to 5 pm outside the curfew hours, a government source confirmed that Al Qabas daily.
The source told the daily that this decision will be regulated, and volunteers and employees of the concerned authorities, in coordination between the Ministry of Affairs and the concerned authorities, will manage the passage of customers to ensure there is no overcrowding.

Salons & Gyms - Kuwait Cabinet permits salons and gyms to reopen on 7 March
A month after the closure, the Cabinet decided this evening, to allow, from Sunday, 7 March, salons, gyms and health clubs, and other commercial activities, to reopen provided they shut when the curfew starts from 5 pm until 5 am on Sunday, Al Qabas daily reported.
On February 3, the cabinet decided to close restaurants, reception halls from 8 pm until 5 am, and to suspend the activities of health clubs, gyms as well as salons, barbershops and spas, as part of measures taken to limit the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Flight Ban - Kuwait extends decision to prevent foreigners from entering the country until further notice

Mosques - It will be allowed to go to the mosques during partial curfew hours by walk only

Taxi - Maximum Two Passengers Allowed in Taxi

Public Places * Public Parks   - Decision Issued to Close/disable all sitting areas in the public places and Closure of Public Parks and Gardens

Restaurants - Takeout and Delivery from 5 AM to 5 Pm only

Deliveries - Delivery service of medical supplies, pharmacies&supermarkets are allowed during the curfew period.

AC & elevator Maintenance are allowed during the partial curfew period.




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