Decision To Not Renew The Work Permit Of Those Above 60 Harms Kuwait’s Pool Of Skilled Workers
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After the decision not to renew the permits of expatriates aged 60 years, a statistic of the Public Authority for Civil Information revealed that more than 42,000 expatriates left work in the private sector during the first half of this year, Al Jarida reported.

It is the logical result that proves that the country’s administration is on its way to establishing Kuwait as an environment expelling those with rare specializations, qualified labor, and professional cadres.

While the statistics showed that 42,334 expatriates had left the country, the newspaper learned, from its sources, that neighboring countries, Gulf and others, had attracted a number of them, especially the category of doctors and owners of rare specialties.

The sources warned that the country’s continuation in such a trend may empty it of qualified cadres and shake the stability of the remaining expatriate workers, especially as they see large waves of their colleagues that are directing their compass to other countries where they feel job and professional stability, calling for an end to the migration of workers, because of its It has serious effects on the private sector and the entire national economy.



22 Sep, 2021 2224
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