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Ministry of Interior intends to issue a decision soon to grant holders of Articles 18 and 22 visas who violated the residency law a chance to pay the fines related to their violations and obtain temporary residence for three months, provided they correct their status during that period for ensuring their legal stay in the country, reports Aljarida daily quoting sources from Ministry of Interior.

They revealed that those who fail to rectify their situation within this period will be deported and barred from entering Kuwait again.

The sources said this decision will also apply to Syrian residents who hold work permits or dependent (family) visa. Regarding the issue of Syrian refugees who entered the country on visit visas after the crisis broke out in Syria, and did not leave despite the expiry of their visas, the sources indicated that the Supreme political leadership will decide about this issue. Meanwhile, a total of 7,039 illegal residents have adjusted their legal status during the period from 2011 until end of August 2015, the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents’Affairs said here on Saturday.

Out of the total, 4,973 illegal residents have adjusted their position into the Saudi nationality, 778 into the Iraqi nationality, 726 into the Syrian nationality, 79 into the Iranian nationality, 47 into the Jordanian nationality and 436 into other nationalities, the director of the agency for status adjustment Colonel Mohammad Al-Wuhaib told KUNA.

The agency provides a package of incentives to illegal residents who adjust their legal status and come up with their original nationalities. For instance, the agency grants all their family members a five-year residency permit with no fees incurred, free-ofcharge educational and health services, supply cards and recruitment at public agencies and bodies.



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