DAESH Suspects Will Be Sent For Rehabilitation To Help Them Merge With The Society
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Some of the suspects who have been sentenced to prison terms by the local courts for allegedly joining the Islamic State of the so-called DAESH will be sent for rehabilitation to help them merge with the society.

The government represented by the ministries of Interior, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and the Faculty of Sharia will ensure the ‘terrorists’ who return from Syria and Iraq are rehabilitated saying the country is obliged to do so.

The daily added, the same is applicable to those who were involved in terrorist activities, including members of the ill famous Osoud Al-Jazeera (Peninsula Lions) and others who were recently arrested. The sources pointed out the program will include training courses, dialogues and talk with the psychologists because some of the accused refuse to accept these programs, but with time they some have responded effectively.

The sources also pointed out the treatment will be psychological and legitimate, and expected to last not less than two years before the rehabilitation is complete.





11 Jan, 2018 570
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