Dad Kills Girl For Saying She Doesn't Like Him
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A Saudi man used an air condition pipe to beat his 7-year-old daughter to death after she told him she does not like him.
Yara had lived with her divorced mother before she was taken by her father in the capital Riyadh . the mother as saying her ex-husband used a stick and an AC pipe to punish his daughter after she said she does not like him and wanted to return to her mother. He beat her all over her body and then used a heavy AC pipe to hit her on the head. He then locked her up," the mother said. "After she started to scream, he got her out and beat her again until she fainted. He took her to the hospital but she was already dead." the girl died on the eve of Eid Al Adha in late September and that the man would stand trial in Riyad soon.

16 Oct, 2015 2517
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