Current Ministers Are Unable To Take Solid Decisions - MP Al Humaidhi Al Subai'e
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MP Al-Humaidhi Al-Subai’e says the government’s performance in the upcoming period will be weak and insignificant because he believes the current ministers are weak in terms of their personality and convictions. He indicated that their undersecretaries might be stronger in this regard.

The lawmaker stressed that the current ministers are unable to take solid decisions, considering the limited time left for the National Assembly, adding that, for this reason, some ministers are being considered for interpellations such as Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Waleed Yousef Al-Jassem. He predicted that the coming days will witness the submission of several interpellations, as he is not the only MP who is not enthusiastic about the government’s expected performance. Al-Subai’e revealed that he, on the first day of the new Cabinet formation, had informed His Highness the Prime Minister that the MPs will not wait long for important decisions and tangible progress.

He said, “A book can be read from its title”, implying that not many MPs had high hopes to begin with. Meanwhile, Rapporteur of the Parliament’s Committee for Human Resources Development MP Osama Al-Shaheen said the committee discussed the priorities and work mechanism for the coming phase. He revealed that representatives of the government bodies concerned with Kuwaitization policy such as Civil Service Commission (CSC), Supreme Council for Planning, Public Authority for Manpower and the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) will be requested to attend the upcoming meetings. Al-Shaheen indicated that the committee will discuss 13 draft laws and two proposals related to supporting Kuwaiti employees of the private sector, and will obligate CSC to appoint unemployed citizens within a specified time period, and treat the children of Kuwaiti women like Kuwaitis if there are no Kuwaiti nominees for a vacancy.



06 Jan, 2020 155
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