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A senior doctor says the pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money to boost the sexual potential of men and women and to develop their genitals, while they do not spend enough to cure dementia or Alzheimer’s diseases so people may wonder one day about the reason of the presence of these genitals.
In 16 years we will be in the year 2035 and we will find ourselves surrounded by huge concrete structures, broad roads, long bridges and busy islands, but in the midst of our preoccupation we may have forgotten to build a man, a true citizen after we and add to this the cultural requirements and spiritual nourishment.
As part of the Jaber Cultural Center project, Kuwait has established an international opera house and theaters that are not less than the world’s best theaters. Millions of dinars of public money have been spent to build and equip a range of museums that are best in the region.
Despite the splendor of the two projects and other artistic, cultural and literary projects, the Amiri Diwan decided to manage these edifices instead of handing them over to the first party concerned – the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters.
The reason is not because of the feeling of inefficiency of members of the Board of the National Council or the doubt about its ability to manage these huge projects but may be the suspicion around the whims of the body that supervises the Council, that is to say the Ministry of Information which has modest capabilities and full control over the capabilities of the National Council and other cultural activities, such as the LoYAC world project and other artistic, cultural and literary activities that have tasted the bitterness of the current situation in the Ministry.
The question: If the officials of the Amiri Diwan are reluctant to hand over these edifices to the party which is more concerned than others, how the government accepted to hand over all the culture of the people and 3 million residents to this unfortunate body?
The forces of darkness used all media to obstruct the activities of LoYAC and would have blocked it completely if they were able to do so, but LoYAC has won a prestigious international award that could not be achieved by any government in all Gulf countries.
The EU delegation announced that the LoYAC Foundation was awarded the prestigious Challiot Award for its role in the promotion of human rights in the Gulf region in 2018, and in recognition of its outstanding efforts to promote and protect human rights in the world.
I personally attended the awarding ceremony of this outstanding recognition and it was an occasion that calls for pride, and also for the sadness that LoYAC has received from the intransigence and mistreatment of the concerned parties.
The solution to this shameful situation lies in the rehabilitation of culture, arts and ethics by making the subordination of this organ to a high level body such as the Amiri Diwan or the Council of Ministers so as to be free to move and keep away as far as possible from the blackmailing of some MPs and their endless claims and continuing threats to question the Minister of Information because of a word in a book, or a cross on a plate.
Otherwise, I fear the 2035 vision would undoubtedly be real.



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