CSC To Terminate Appointment Of All Expat Legal Practitioners
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Lawyer Abdullah Al-Rashidi has filed a lawsuit to mandate Civil Service Commission (CSC) to terminate the appointment of all expatriate legal practitioners employed in specialties where Kuwaiti lawyers are still on queue for.

Al-Rashidi explained that 30,000 Kuwaiti legal practitioners are working in public sector while 6,000 others are in private sector, so there is no need to employ expatriates in the same position with the same qualifications like Kuwaitis.

He pointed out that some officials do not trust the competency of Kuwaiti practitioners- even though they have proven to be experienced and competent. He cited that he was a legal researcher in public sector but the officials do not believe in Kuwaitis and deny them the opportunity to serve on high panels with entitlements. He said “this situation forced me to resign out of frustration, wondering why Kuwaitis have become strangers in their homeland”.

He claimed that information at his disposal indicates an expatriate advisor to the Minister of Health earns KD 2,100 per month as salary in addition to allowances for serving on committees, and enjoys pilgrimage bonus while living in an accommodation for female nurses.



27 Sep, 2019 297
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