CSC Announced That who Are Late to Office on March 26th and 27th will not be penalized
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Dr. Essam Al-Rubaiaan, President of the Civil Service Commission in Kuwait, revealed on Monday that public sector employees who were absent or reported late to work on March 26th and 27th will not be penalized. This decision comes as a result of the challenging weather conditions that have impacted the nation during these days.

The adverse weather conditions in Kuwait have created difficulties for many employees, making it challenging for them to reach their workplaces on time or at all. In light of these circumstances, the Civil Service Commission has chosen to demonstrate leniency and understanding towards the workforce.

Dr. Al-Rubaiaan's announcement highlights the commitment of the Kuwait Civil Service Commission to support public sector employees by taking into account the real-world challenges they face. By not counting absences or late arrivals on March 26th and 27th, the commission is prioritizing the well-being and safety of the employees during these trying times.

As the weather situation in Kuwait improves, it is essential for employees to continue focusing on their work and maintain a strong commitment to their duties. This temporary leniency in attendance policy is an opportunity for the workforce to regroup and face their responsibilities with renewed energy and dedication.

In conclusion, the Civil Service Commission, under the leadership of Dr. Essam Al-Rubaiaan, has taken a considerate approach to addressing the challenges faced by public sector employees in Kuwait due to the unfavorable weather conditions. By not penalizing absences or late arrivals during this period, the commission is fostering a supportive work environment that prioritizes employee well-being and ensures their commitment to their duties in the long run.


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27 Mar, 2023 1248
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