Criminal Court Acquitted Expat In Drugs Case After Appeal
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The Criminal Section in the Court of Appeals revoked the decision of a lower court that sentenced an expatriate to five years in prison with hard labor and fined him KD 5,000 verdict in absentia for the possession and driving under the influence of drugs.

This is one of rare decisions taken by the court which acquitted the expatriate because the lower court’s verdict that was issued in absentia had no date. Case files revealed that a patrol officer arrested the expatriate at a checkpoint in Hawally.

The officer stopped the expatriate and asked for his driving license but the latter said the license was not with him. The officer asked the expatriate park his car to issue a citation but he saw an open bag in the suspect’s vehicle. He searched the bag and found drugs. He arrested the expatriate and referred him to the concerned security department. A report from the Criminal Investigations Department confirmed that the urine sample taken from the suspect had traces of Amphetamine. Attorney Jarrah Al-Sharika, who represented the suspect in court, demanded for invalidation of the verdict as it had no date. He also raised doubts on the arrest and search procedures. The court looked into the original copy of the verdict and verified that it had no date.



27 Jan, 2017 608
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