Criminal Court Acquitted A Bangladeshi In Narcotic Consumption
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The Criminal Court acquitted a Bangladeshi of possessing heroin and morphine with the intention to sell and consume these narcotic substances. In a court session chaired by Judge Waleed Al-Kandari, it was revealed the accused was arrested when officers from the Anti-Narcotics Unit received a tip off from undisclosed sources. The officers then conducted a thorough investigation to verify the information. Armed with an arrest warrant, the officers went to the place where the accused conducts his illegal deals to arrest him. They found in his possession the abovementioned narcotics and some cash. In his defense was Attorney Inam Haidar who pleaded before the court to nullify the arrest warrant on grounds that the investigations were not conducted according to the law due to lack of criminal pillars in the case proving her client was selling narcotics, let alone the fact that, there is no direct link between the accused and the confiscated narcotics.



26 Dec, 2015 1668
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