Stolen Valuables Found In Camp
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When personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department raided a suspicious camp in the Kabad desert they found valuable items estimated to be worth thousands of dinars – mobile chalets, cars and water tanks, solar panels, motorcycles, power generators and others, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a security source, the camp was raided after several people filed complaints with the Kabad Police Station about thefts being committed in and surrounding areas. Police also found in the camp bottles of alcohol and various kinds of tools used by the gang to commit thefts.

The daily added, before the raid, the detectives ‘neutralized’ the surveillance cameras which were installed by the suspects in the vicinity of the camp in anticipation of the security raid. One person, believed to be caretaker of the camp has been taken into custody for interrogation. Meanwhile, police have lifted fingerprints from the area and are looking for other members of the gang.

23 May, 2019 519
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