Investigation Launched To Identify An Airport Official Who Facilitated The Entry Of Deported Lebanese Woman
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The Farwaniya security authorities have opened an extensive investigation to identify an airport official who facilitated the entry of a Lebanese woman who had been deported from the country.

The same person (airport official) was also likely to have stamped the passport of her sister when she entered the country, reports Al- Anba daily. A security source said that the mission facing the interrogators is not simple, especially since the history of the crime dates back to eight years.

The daily quoting sources, added that the investigations conducted with the Lebanese woman did not result in the identification of the person who might have stamped her passport.

According to security sources the Lebanese woman is in Kuwait despite being expelled from the country in 2009, for committing immoral acts. She was deported after the court found her guilty.

The sources added after the woman was seen in Salmiya a team of detectives was formed to track her down and was taken into custody yesterday.

The source explained during investigations she said she had been expelled in 2009 and entered the country on visit visa using the passport of her sister in 2011 and has not left Kuwait since then, but the passport has been stamped with exit and entry without she having left the country which is a mystery the detectives will have to solve.

During the interrogation, the woman denied that there is someone who facilitated her entry and stamped the passport. The source said that the interrogations with the sister revealed her passport was stolen by her sibling and then returned it to her with the departure seal on it.

In the past two days, the intelligence officers have been under intense pressure by several figures to end the case and release the girl, sources said. The source added it was revealed to the intelligence officers that the woman since entering the country was living in an apartment with another sister and her husband, in violation of the residence law since she entered the country on visit visa and has not left the country for the past 8 years.

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