Good Conduct Pledge, Bail Frees Contractor
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The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Appeals overturned the verdict of the First Instance Court which sentenced a construction contractor to three years imprisonment for causing the death of a laborer.

The higher court refrained from punishing the contractor after he signed a pledge of good conduct and posted bail of KD200. The Public Prosecution had earlier charged the contractor with causing the death of a laborer who was working on a high building when he fell and died.

The prosecution accused the contractor of not providing a safety belt for the laborer, thereby, causing his fall and death. Attorney Ena’am Haidar, represented the contractor in court, where she argued that the decision of the lower court is a violation of the law and Article 33 of the Constitution. She said the contractor should not be convicted of murder due to the absence of incriminating evidence. She added the results of investigations following the incident were inconclusive

05 May, 2019 379
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