Crackdown Begins On Anti-state Twitter Mafia
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As the investigations continue into the activities of the ‘Twitter Mafia’ the activities of this group of people who have been tampering with the national security for years have become crystal clear, reports Al-Rai daily. The coming days are expected to be full of surprises.

In the meantime, for the third time in a row, the Public Prosecution has ordered the renewal of detention of a lawyer whose name surfaced during the ongoing investigation , which has clearly revealed the features of the Twitter mafia, its mechanisms, blackmail plans, the distribution of roles, fake news accounts both internal and external operated by a number of people of different nationalities who have left Kuwait for Europe and planning to create strife in Kuwait between Kuwaiti officials, ministers and MPs.

A Kuwaiti who runs an electronic news network was arrested and about 4 to 5 persons were identified in the investigations and are currently being summoned and interrogated. Al-Rai sources confirmed that those who are currently being investigated are not alone, but that there are others who are expected to be summoned or arrested as soon as they return to the country from their summer vacations.

04 Aug, 2019 247
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