Covid-19 Bonuses And Compensation: Illegal Disbursements

05 November 2023 Kuwait

While the "Covid-19" pandemic has passed, the financial and administrative violations committed by the Ministry of Health during the crisis still constitute significant audit material. It was revealed in the Audit Bureau's annual report regarding the implementation of the ministries' final accounts for fiscal year 2022-2023 that bonuses, financial compensation, salaries, and allowances were paid to doctors and workers during the pandemic and to doctors who held administrative positions worth about 940 thousand dinars, in violation of the laws and regulations. In its report, the Bureau stated that “the Ministry combined the reimbursement of compensation rewards for overtime work assigned to quarantine workers and the rewards for doing the same work for the front rows, in violation of Law No. 4 of 2021, which links the budgets of ministries and government departments for fiscal 2020/2021 and the restrictions contained therein, 543,923 dinars were unlawfully spent.”

The Bureau confirmed that the Ministry of Health had disbursed a "guard allowance" and a training bonus to some doctors and employees in the field of pharmaceutical services and allied medical services who were not assigned to the system and training worth 144,900 dinars at the Ministry, in violation of Civil Service Council Resolutions No. Regarding salaries and allowances, Resolution No. 5 of 2010 was issued. In violation of Civil Service Council Resolution No. 5, the Ministry of Health also disbursed 250 thousand to those holding administrative positions as training bonuses and guard allowances. Human doctors and dentists receive salaries and allowances according to Resolution 5 of 2010.

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