Court Upheld The Verdict To 3 Yrs In Jail For Uttering Words Deemed Offensive
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The Court of Cassation, presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel, has upheld the verdict of the lower court which sentenced a member of the royal family to three years in jail for uttering words deemed offensive to the entity of HH the Amir and for offending Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah and Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah.


Case files indicate the Public Prosecution charged the defendant with uttering offensive words, criticizing the authority of HH the Amir and transgressing his entity, as well as insulting Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Sabah and Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-Sabah. The accused posted the offensive statements on Snapchat, including pictures and videos against the plaintiffs. He is already serving the jail sentence.


17 Jul, 2017 455
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