Court Turns Down Expat Teachers Request
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The Constitutional Court has turned down the request that was submitted by non-Kuwaiti female teachers (married to Kuwaitis) to treat them on par with their Kuwaiti counterparts, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily said the non-Kuwaiti female teachers were demanding equality in the Housing Allowance Law because the Kuwaiti female teachers have allowances for them in a special system that differs from the housing allowance law for expatriate teachers. In its ruling the court said, “The legislator has the discretion to impose a change in treatment when justified, according to reasonable logical reasons dictated by the necessities and reasons of necessity.” Sources said the documents of the lawsuit fi led by one of the teachers had pleaded for the housing allowance to be paid in accordance with the decision No 2/2016 of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

The lawsuit said the decree No. (38) (1) of the CSC stipulates that “the housing allowance category shall be amended for non- Kuwaiti members of the educational staff of the Ministry of Education and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (males and females) (single/married) to become KD 60 per month instead of KD 150 per month, this provision violated the principle of equality when it was unjustifiably distinguished between a Kuwaiti female teacher married to a non-Kuwaiti teacher as per the Articles (2) and (7), (8), (29) and (30) of the Constitution.



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