Court Sentenced Kuwaiti Man To 10 Yrs Imprisonment For Allegedly Raping Asian Housemaid
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The Court of Appeals has nullified the verdict of the First Instance Court that sentenced a Kuwaiti man in absentia to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for allegedly raping an Asian housemaid. The court thereby refrained from pronouncing penalty against the suspect. The case file indicated the housemaid was in the kitchen cooking for her sponsor when the suspect touched her sensitive parts, so she shouted and went into her room to take a shower. To her surprise, the man followed her to the room and had sex with her by force.


She stressed the suspect thanked her thereafter and left the room. She claimed the same man raped her two weeks earlier after grabbing her by the hair. Lawyer Abdul-Wahab Bin Salamah defending the suspect faulted the investigation, saying the officers declined to question the suspect’s mother. He declared the statements of the plaintiff were inconsistent with the legal medical report, while his client vehemently denied the allegation. He insisted there was no concrete proof to substantiate the plaintiff’s claim.


27 Oct, 2017 1570
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