Court Sentenced A Blogger To 6 Year Imprisonment In A State Security Case Filed Against Him For Offending The Amiri Entity
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Criminal Court sentenced a blogger to six-year imprisonment in a State Security case filed against him for offending the Amiri entity. Furthermore, the Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Nasser Salem Al-Haid upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which refrained from punishing the blogger Rana Al-Sa’adoun in a State Security lawsuit filed against her for spreading and quoting from the controversial speech titled “Enough of Frivolity”.

Also, the Court of Appeals cancelled the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which acquitted a lawyer, mandoup and the head of a foreign legal consultancy office. The court refrained from punishing the lawyer and obligated him to pay a financial guarantee of KD 3,000 and sign a pledge of good conduct for two years. The court decided to refrain from punishing the mandoup and obligated him to pay financial guarantee of KD 1,000. The court sentenced the head of the office of foreign legal consultancy office to three-year imprisonment with hard labor.

In addition, the Court of Appeals canceled the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which acquitted 24 Kuwaiti men and women who had provided fake information to illegally acquire national labor subsidy without informing the owner of the company where they worked. The court refrained from punishing the defendants, obligated them to display good conduct and pay financial guarantees worth KD 200 each. The court ordered defendants 3 to 24 to repay the money they attained illegally.



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