Court Overturned The Verdict And Acquits Young Woman Of Driving Drunk And Causing Death
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The Misdemeanor Circuit of the Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, sentenced a young woman to six-month imprisonment.

The court instead acquitted her of all charges. The Public Prosecution had charged the defendant of driving under the influence of liquor, thereby endangering her life and that of others. She was also charged with manslaughter as the car she was driving overturned, resulting in the death of her friend who was with her in the car.

Lawyer Ena’am Haidar, who represented the young woman in court, argued that the victim died in the hospital due to broken skull, crushing of the brain, and internal bleeding.

She indicated that the lawsuit showed no evidence to prove her client was the driver, adding that her client kept on denying that she was driving at the time and that the victim was the one who drove.

Lawyer Haidar said the testimonies were inconclusive, and in such cases, the evidence is explained in favor of the defendant, and she then asked the court to acquit her client.



18 Nov, 2019 339
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