The Case Of “Interior Ministry Hospitality” Filed Against 24 Employees
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The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Mute’eb Al-Ardi will continue handling the case of “Interior Ministry Hospitality” filed against 24 employees.

The request to release the defendants on bail was earlier rejected. In the previous court session, the first defendant’s lawyer had asked the court to allow him to transfer KD 10 million to the court to be deducted from the money seized by Public Prosecution and release his client for any financial guarantee defined by the court. He said the other defendants had transferred KD 21 million to Ministry of Interior and the remaining about is KD 10 million, as the entire amount required is KD 31 million.

The lawyer asked the court to release his client if he was allowed to add the remaining KD 10 million into the bank account of the ministry. During the previous court sessions, lawyers had requested the court to release their clients including the defendant who is in a hospital and has a medical report to prove he cannot attend the court session due to medical reasons.

They also asked the court to allow them to see the case file including the documents provided by the Public Prosecution.

However, the court dismissed these requests and adjourned the lawsuit to today’s session for hearing the attorneys’ pleas. Meanwhile, the Administrative Court annulled decision issued by Director General of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, in his capacity, to grade a lieutenantcolonel from the coast guard rescue force “very good”, and instead ordered him to be awarded “excellent” for his appraisal, which took place in 2017. Representing the lieutenant-colonel was attorney Ali Jowhar who argued that his client was given “very good” grade in his appraisal by his director supervisor but he challenged the decision and the grade was later revised to “excellent”.

Attorney Jowhar indicated the grades of his client was revised to “very good” by a new supervisor the following year, prompting his client to challenge the decision through proper channels in the fire service director, but his pleas were not responded, hence, he resort to the intervention of the justice system.

In the meantime, the Court of Cassation overturned the verdict issued by a lower court against a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of selling brain stimulants and resisting arrest and was sentenced to life-imprisonment. The court instead acquitted him.

Representing the citizen was Lawyer Ayed Al-Rashidi who said his client was searched and arrested illegally, as the arresting officer did not have proper permission from the Public Prosecution to do so. He stressed that the only testimony against his client is that of the arresting officer, let alone the fact that the police occurrence book did not contain any information about the arrest of his client as claimed by the arresting officer.

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